"I AM" a Child of the Light!
I love the Light!
I serve the Light!

We, the "I AM" Students of Saint Germain, study the Laws of Life given by the Ascended Masters.

We learn how to fulfill our own Divine Plan and to help raise the earth into the everlasting Age of Peace, Brotherhood and Harmony.

paradisisches Naturbild mit Blumenwiese, See und Bergen

We strive to purify ourselves and the world and dedicate ourselves to the Light!

With the use of the Violet Consuming Flame we purify our thoughts, feelings and worlds and consume old habits and thought patterns. We learn to rely on our “Mighty I AM Presence” for inner advice and guidance and may so create our own paradise within a short period of time.

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The Saint Germain Foundation – Europe

The Saint Germain Foundation is the guardian and protector of the original "I AM" Teaching, the Sacred Knowledge given to mankind by the Ascended Master Saint Germain through the Messengers Mr. and Mrs. Ballard.

The Saint Germain Foundation strives to keep the "I AM" Ascended Master Instruction in Its pure, unadulterated form, free from any human interpretation, personal monetary gain, or proselytizing.
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Our Mission is to provide this Ascended Master Instruction to everyone who is ready for this Light.

We have not changed one word of the Dictations nor translated them. The Instructions are in their original form.

We are a non profit organization. This Instruction is a Free Gift of Love from the Ascended Masters to everyone.

We present this Original Teaching, as first offered to the Western World by the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

The Saint Germain Foundation is not a cult!

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