The Violet Consuming Flame

The Activity of the Sacred Fire by which you can purify your mind and body

Beloved Helios:
Every situation on this earth can be changed harmoniously, by ENOUGH USE of the Violet Consuming Flame. There isn’t a thing in existence that cannot be cured by that!  ​

Beloved Saint Germain:
Once you experience and feel the Power you have, to use This Violet Flame Control, Cosmic Christ-Control of conditions in This World, you will be Free, far more Free than you understand this hour!

What happens when I use the Violet Flame?

Mrs. G. W. Ballard:
The effect in the mind, body, Being and world of the individual who uses the Violet Consuming Flame­, is to purify all the substance and energy in all his bodies - mental, emotional and physical.

It quiets the whirls of vibratory action in the emotional body, dissolves the impurities in the flesh and consumes the wrong thought patterns in the mental body.

In this way, he establishes habits of constructive thinking, feeling and speaking.

The action that really takes place in the use of the Violet Consuming Flame­, is that It increases the vibratory action of the substance in the three bodies, to a rate in which no discord nor imperfection can exist, for these conditions can only exist in the lower rates of vibration.

As heat melts wax, until it drops away by its own weight, and as the heat increases, the wax ignites being consumed by the fire; so does the Violet Consuming Flame­ melt away the impure substance in the physical, emotional and mental bodies of the individual, who visualizes It pouring through him and his aura, for a distance of about three feet in every direction.

How do I set the Violet Flame into Action?

Through calling It forth from your “I AM Presence“ by your Decrees and through visualizing and feeling It.

Mrs. G. W. Ballard:
The Violet Consuming Flame can only be focused, projected, and brought into activity by the “Mighty I AM Presence.“ … but the part the student must do, is to call his “Presence“ into dynamic action, to produce It and then visualize the Flame.

This means to hold the mental picture of It passing through his mind, body and aura, from his feet up, through and around the body – cleansing them of all imperfection.

Thus, he can dissolve and purify all unnecessary, discordantly qualified substance and energy, which he has used in all lives.

Feel yourselves always surrounded by a Great Pillar of Violet Consuming Flame, the shade of the violet neon signs - with the Flame flowing from the feet upward through the body to the top of the head, and up into your own “Mighty I AM Presence.“

How and why should I participate in purifying the world?

Beloved Saint Germain:
But, if you want Complete Freedom from your own limitations and problems, every time you call for the Consuming of the mistakes or problems in your own Life Stream, or your world, don’t stop there; ask that That Call goes forth to every bit of Life on this Earth, and does the same thing for all the Life, all the substance, all the energy in this world, as you want for yourself, because your Light only expands by what you give to the rest of the World!

Beloved Lord Maha Chohan:
Therefore when you want the Heart Flame of your “Mighty I AM Presence,“ when you want the Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy, extended to you, to dissolve your own limitations, then you must of necessity, calling It into yourselves, you must also call It into every bit of Life in the outer world; and the individual who will do That, will never have limitation again.

Beloved Mighty Victory:
You are the Hand of the “Mighty I AM Presence“ and the Ascended Host to help Us build here the Perfection that is Our natural way of Life. You can have It!

Beloved Goddess of Justice:  
So when people are awake enough to the Greater Perfection and Divine Plan of Life to use these Great Commands for the purification of all in the outer world that all Life Streams may be free, then the Ascended Masters’ whole Octave is ready to pour the Sacred Fire Love to assist the individual who is willing to live for the Freedom of the rest of the World.

Beloved Cyclopea:  
Until the Desire comes from within the outer self to reach up and use the Power We have offered, then people go on in their chains, and go out of one embodiment after another, come back and suffer again, until the outer self wants Our Understanding of Our Life, and the outer self wants Our Love, and wants Our Purifying Power in outer world conditions, not just to help the individual, but until the outer self wants to help all that is around it, and wants to help purify other Life Streams, until that Desire is Great enough within the outer self to call forth the Forgiving Love that is the Purity of Eternity, and is the only Dissolving Power of mankind’s evil; until mankind has that Desire, then the human desires simply go on, and limit the outer self, and hold it in suffering, until the “Mighty I AM Presence“ is allowed to release all of Its Divine Plan fulfilled into outer physical conditions.

How can I consume negative thoughts and mistakes from the past?

Mrs. G. W. Ballard:
Through the individual’s own God-conscious effort in using this Flame of Divine Love, he is able to consume all his past creations and purify his mind, body and world.

In this way, he never has to face his distorted creation, if he will use the Violet Consuming Flame with intense, steady determination.