Giving Decrees

How to manifest the Law in your Life and shape your destiny

Beloved Mighty Victory:
„Call unto Me and I will answer Thee!“

„Ask and ye shall receive.“

„Seek and ye shall find.“

„Knock and It shall be opened unto you.“ ​

What more could Life give you or offer than those constant reminders that your “Mighty I AM Presence,“ the Ascended Host, and all Life which is above your physical octave, says, „Tell Us what you want, and We will help you rise into it.“

What is a Decree?

Beloved Lotus:
In giving our “I AM“ Decrees, we should realize we are really talking to the Beloved “I AM Presence“, the Ascended Masters, the Cosmic Beings and the Great Angelic Host.

A Decree is either a Fiat of the Voice of the “I AM Presence“ speaking through us, or a direct Call to the Presence and the Ascended Masters whose help we require!

What is the difference between a prayer and a Decree?

Beloved Saint Germain:
Now, understand this: You call in prayer to God and then constantly annul it by discord and viciousness in the feeling.

You see how and why you have not had the results from your prayers! Prayer is a certain quality, but it is a supplication.

A Decree is the Acknowledgment of the Power of God acting in you – as different as daylight and darkness.

Why is there the need to decree?

Beloved Mighty Victory:
My dear ones, there must come the Acknowledgment thru your “I AM“ Decrees and thru your feelings, of these conditions which you want brought into the outer world!

You may desire them with great intensity in your feelings and that is well, and that is where they begin first of course; but if it were not necessary for you to speak the Word - to use the Great Creative Word, “I AM,“ why do you suppose it would have ever been given to you?

Why would you have the Power of Speech, if that Action were not required under the Cosmic Law for the physical octave of Earth?

Beloved Godfré:
… it takes your spoken word and the intense desire of your Hearts, or the feeling and desire of your Life charging that Word into the ethers around you, to stir into action all Life everywhere which moves into outer manifestation that which fulfills your Inner Call.

Life demands the action of the spoken word, and the pressure of your feeling into the atmosphere of Earth, in order to be the Light Ray which comes through into Our Octave and opens the door from your Octave of Light, through which We can pour the Fulfillment of your Calls.

What occurs when we decree?

Beloved Lotus:
… every Decree you give is a FLASH OF LIGHT from the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence”! – From Its Heart, Head and Hand, down through the top of the head and out through the spoken Word …

Every time one issues an Ascended Master “I AM“ Decree, the Light from the Heart of the individual’s Electronic Body (the Upper Figure in the Chart) releases instantly, intensifying and expanding the Ray of Light which flows from the Heart of the Presence into the heart of the flesh body (the lower figure).

Why is it so important to decree as a group?

We as individuals, can give great help and service by joining together, in “I AM“ Group Meetings.

The main purpose of coming together and decreeing, is to offer up our energy to Beloved Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters, so They may take up the energy, amplify it, and return it to bless, protect and act in all activities They know need the assistance.

There is greater power in numbers, and greater energy is released when the power of many decreeing can be offered as One Flame.

Beloved Saint Germain:
When you stand 1’000, 1’200, 2’000, or 3’000 people on their feet and issue these Decrees as one voice, you are releasing into the atmosphere of Earth a Power inconceivable to the average individual.

I do want to help others but it seems difficult enough to keep my own affairs in order

Beloved Mighty Victory:
People often say: „Well, if I could just get my own affairs straightened out, I would be so much better equipped and I will give My Service to the Light; but I cannot do a thing while I am in this mess.“

That is why you are in the mess! If you would forget your own selfishness, your own problems, and your own affairs long enough to give your “I AM” Decrees for the freedom of millions of mankind, there would flow through your problems and your world just as much Help as you send out, and half as much again; and that would be the dissolving of your problems, because you would have sixty percent of the energy in your Decrees acting to solve your own problems.

Does regular practice make a difference?

Beloved Saint Germain:
… it shows to all of you that it is only continuous Application, unyielding to the appearance world about you, that will finally break through the human creation and produce these exact results for you.

… you must keep up your Application, definitely, just as if you were driving home a great and mighty Truth and Activity. Keep on applying - not especially looking for results because they are sure to come, but applying with dynamic determination. Then one day you will see every seeming obstruction has dissolved.

… You are master of yourself and your world, and do not accept a single thing but that. Remember, your firm, determined Application will shatter every particle of human limitations that has ever been drawn about you.

The Student’s Call needs to be given at regular intervals, with intense determined feeling for its quick fulfillment. When the Student makes this Application regularly, without a break over a certain period, the Ascended Masters then establish a certain definite, rhythmic amplification of the energy released through the Student’s Call. This hastens tremendously the fulfillment of the Call.