The Ascension

The Goal of our Existence

Article from the Voice of the "I AM":
When you give your attention firmly to your “Presence,” the Ray of Light and Energy from your “Presence” begins to intensify and expand, causing the rapid expansion of the Light within every cell of your body until the Earth loses its attraction for the body. Then, as the attention continues to the "Presence" the finer part of the flesh body ascends and is absorbed into the Higher Mental Body. Thus, the Transformation from the human into the Divine takes place.

What is the purpose of death and reimbodiment?

Beloved Saint Germain:
So-called death is but an opportunity for rest and reatunement of the faculties of the personal consciousness.

This is to free them from the turmoil and discords of Earth long enough to receive an Inflow of Light and Strength which will enable the outer activity of the mind to take up the work of physical experience again.

Mrs. G. W. Ballard:
The “God Presence“ – the “Beloved Mighty I AM“ – pours Its own Pure Life, Substance, and Energy down into the human form in a Stream of Golden-White Liquid Light.

This is the Light-Substance which our modern scientist are finding to be within the nerves of the flesh body, for It flows through them as blood flows through the veins.

When this Golden-White Light withdraws from the body, the individual experiences so-called death.

In reality, there is no such thing as death. You could not die if you wanted to, for you are Life-Consciousness from the Heart of God.

You cannot get out of the Universe …You might step out of your physical body, as one does an old worn-out garment which is no longer of service; but when you do, you are even more alive than before, because a great deal of the density and resistance is in the flesh body.

What is the purpose of embodiment?

Beloved Mighty Victory:
I want you to feel My Dear Ones, that your journey through physical embodiment is not just to gratify this that or the other desire even though it be constructive.

Your journey through this physical world is to enable you to draw forth in outer dynamic action all the attributes of Perfection that are within your Life. Use them in the world around you to create beauty and perfection and blessing to all Life.

Beloved Saint Germain:
Physical embodiment is for the purpose of preparing, perfecting, and illumining a body whose vibratory action can be raised to blend with the Body of the “Mighty I AM Presence.“

What determines the Ascension?

Beloved Daniel Rayborn:
… your Ascension is absolutely certain, definite and sure when once you have come to know this “Presence“; for this “Presence” is the One Who enables you to do it!

The Ascended Masters can give almost limitless assistance in preparation, but your “Presence“ is the One Who causes you to Ascend, and causes the Purification of your body to take place so the Earth can no longer hold it.

Beloved Godfré:
Now what determines the Ascension? The amount of Light-Substance that is accumulated in the Causal Body of the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence.”

If through constructive effort in one embodiment after another, the constructively used energy, which is Light-Substance, is accumulated within the Causal Body, when that Light reaches a certain Intensity and the Causal Body is full of Light, then the Higher Mental Body commands the Ascension to take place for the outer self.