The Ascended Masters

The Divine Beings who guide and help us

Beloved Saint Germain
The Ascended Master is an Individual who, by Self-Conscious Effort, has generated enough Love and Power within Himself to snap the chains of all human limitation; and so He stands Ascended and Free, and Worthy to be trusted with the Use of Forces beyond those of human experience.

How can I contact an Ascended Master?

Beloved Saint Germain:
The Student should at all times understand that the Student never chooses the Master, but the Master chooses the Student.

Did the Student understand what consciousness he was to maintain, it would come about very much sooner.

For contacting the Ascended Masters use the following affirmation: “I AM” the Presence preparing the way and bringing visible contact with the Beloved Ascended Masters!

If the Ascended Masters are all-Wise and all-Powerful, why don’t they correct the discord upon earth and make humanity's suffering cease?

Beloved Saint Germain:
The Ascended Masters always work in perfect cooperation with the Cosmic Law of Love.

... They do help the individual who wishes to serve the Light to harmonize his thought and feeling, and bring the body into obedience to the “Mighty I AM Presence.“ They protect him thousands of times from destructive currents of force and activities of which he has no knowledge, but They cannot and do not fulfill his Plan of Life for him.

... An Ascended Master never, never intrudes upon the Eternal, Sacred Prerogative of the individual’s Free Will.

Why can the Ascended Masters help mankind?

Saint Germain:
They have trod every foot of the path, the human being now treads, and know every step of the way.

Because of this, They can and do show the student its pitfalls, if he cares to listen and be protected from Them; but They will not, and never do intrude upon the Free Will of the individual, for that is his Divine Birthright and they respect it.

We as Ascended Beings, being the Vanguard of humanity, have gone through all the experiences that you go through, having attained by this identical Application.

Then are We not in a position to advise, to instruct, to help you to understand these Laws?

Will you tell Me that there is any unascended human being who can know these Laws as We do, Who have passed through the physical experience and, by this Application, raised Ourselves into the Ascension - and are wholly Perfect Beings?

How did the Ascended Masters bring the Instruction to mankind?

This “I AM“ Instruction was brought forth to the World through Mr. G. W. Ballard, who was contacted by the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain in the Visible, Tangible Body on Mount Shasta, California in the year 1930.

These personal experiences are recorded in the first two books of the Saint Germain Series - “Unveiled Mysteries“ and “The Magic Presence.“