About the Ascension Day

Original Words from our
Beloved Messenger Mrs. G. W. Ballard

ASCENSION Day is Thursday, May 18, and represents the fullest Outpouring of Light and Love which Jesus gave to our earth. Jesus always gives an intensified Outpouring of His Rays of Light and Love to our humanity, charged with a limitless Focus of His Ascended Master Consciousness, Feeling and Victory of the Ascension.

Beloved Mrs. G. W. Ballard

To the students, who are determined to gain their Ascension at this time, this Outpouring from Jesus means far more than words can convey. Those, who will give an hour at twelve noon on Ascension Day to accepting this Glorious Gift and Radiance from our Mighty Brother, the Master Jesus, will feel unmistakably His Tremendous Ray of Light and Love, focused and poured out to bless all. If the student cannot give time at twelve noon, he can do so for an hour some other time of the day.

An individualized Ray of His Wonderful Energy and Substance will penetrate and enfold the mind and body of everyone, who gives Him conscious recognition in this way. On the Love and Light sent out to Him, He will come back a thousand fold, to bless forever with His Complete Freedom all who will turn their attention to Him on Ascension Day.

The students should as often as possible give conscious recognition, praise and thanks for the attainment of their own Ascension.

When one awakens in the morning, he can give praise and thanks that he is one day nearer to his Ascension. He can form the habit of qualifying all the energy in his Being and world with the Victory of his Ascension, for the more recognition he can give it, the quicker will he attain it.

He can say often: " 'Mighty I AM Presence!' take complete possession of my Being and world – NOW! – prepare me and see that I make my Ascension as soon as possible."

This will open the way for greater assistance to be given him.

At the moment of Ascension, the Light from the individual's own Electronic Body releases through the physical flesh body, so powerfully that the vibratory action of the physical is increased to a rate in which no imperfection can register. Then the discords and imperfections simply melt into the Perfection of the Light, which is the Pure Substance from the individual's own "Mighty I AM Presence."

Where the physical body has red blood in the veins, at the moment of Ascension, it becomes a Liquid Golden Light pouring Its Radiance through the flesh until the Rays of Golden Light fill the aura.

The Light within the heart then begins to expand and intensify, until It fills the whole body and out to some distance around the body. The gravity pull of earth can no longer affect it, the body rises into the atmosphere and follows the thought, going instantly wherever the individual desires.

As an airplane propeller, when its speed is increased generates enough power to over-come the gravity pull of earth, so does the increase of Light in the flesh body generate the same kind of power to lift the body into the atmosphere. The Light in the body is That Power and over It nothing on earth has control.

It is all so natural, so normal, so majestic, so joyous, so self - evident and so satisfactory, that when the Law of Its Accomplishment is explained to mankind, there is nothing to longer resist the Mighty Truth and Law of Life which It is.

The Victory of the Ascension

The Ascended Masters have said, regarding the Ascension, that the Law of Life demands a certain amount of self-effort or giving from the physical side of existence. This response from the human to the Divine is absolutely necessary if Their Assistance to the individual is to be released.

That proportion is at least one-third of the energy and substance which Life demands must come from this physical world in order to fulfill the Law of Life's Perfection in the next Octave above the physical.

Many people thru the centuries past have accomplished the Victory of the Ascension by tremendous service to Life in many embodiments; but in the embodiment in which the

Victory was completed, each person was given this exact Ascended Master Understanding of the Great Creative Words of Life – "I AM"!

Each one was taught by some Ascended Master in private before the final work of raising the flesh structure was completed. Sometimes for days, weeks, months or years before the completion takes place, the Higher Mental Body and the Ascended Masters giving Their Radiation, draw the purified substance from the physical flesh structure gradually up into the Higher Mental Body.

Then, when the final withdrawing of the Light – which is the energy of Life in the physical body – takes place, the etheric body withdraws from the physical body. What remains of the flesh is but the atomic structure or chemicals of earth in which the discord of human feeling has registered its qualities. The etheric body is composed of the finest of the physical substance of earth, and in it are the records of all earthly experiences from all embodiments.

When the Ascension takes place or when one is being prepared for the Ascension, the discordant conditions which the outer world calls illness, only register in the atomic structure of that individual's body; because the Ascended Masters consume all records of discord from this physical world in the etheric body of the one who is to accomplish the Ascension.

In cases of illness, where the individual is to be given the Ascension, the Ascended Masters do not allow the discord of physical suffering to leave its record in the etheric body; for They do not allow such a record to be left in the individual's Life Stream. In raising into the Ascension, all records of discord from all embodiments are forever consumed, from the entire Life Stream of the person who is to Ascend. Life only permits Perfection to exist in the Ascended

Masters' Octave, and that is the next Activity of Life above the human.

When the physical body is cremated, the fire consumes the qualities of discord which have been imposed on the flesh or earthly substance; but everyone has to have the Assistance of the Ascended Masters to consume the records of imperfection in the etheric body and that is why the use of the Violet Consuming Flame from the Higher Mental Body and the Ascended Masters has been given the "I AM" Students and mankind to help everyone consume the records of all his past mistakes.

Everyone on earth who will call to the "Mighty I AM Presence" and the Ascended Masters to use that Inner purifying action of the Fire Element which is the Violet Consuming Flame can be set free from all mistakes and distress of this world. If he will harmonize his feeling and give obedience to the Law of his own Life, he can have his Ascension in this embodiment at the close of his otherwise earthly span.

- Voice of the „I AM“ March, 1940