How to forgive all the discord you have ever generated in all lives – past and present

Original Words from our
Beloved Messenger Mrs. G. W. Ballard

When we truly forgive a person, place, condition or thing, we give forth something to take its place which is better in every way. It is impossible to forgive in the intellect. That is not where forgiveness either begins or ends.

Mrs. G. W. Ballard                                                    

All  forgiveness must take place­ in the FEELING of the individual, the FEELING BODY, which is a body of fine substance penetrating and enfolding the physical body.

Many people say: "Well, I have forgiven, but I have not forgotten." Notice what has happened! The intellect has said that one ought to forgive everything; but the feelings are still holding a quality of hurt or sense of injustice.

Now that is the danger-point. Why? Because any such feeling held within the consciousness of the individual is qualifying the Life energy flowing through the body today with the record of imperfection that happened yesterday or last week or last year or maybe many years ago.

This is the thing that binds the whole human race to continued discord, and they do not understand what is happening.

This is the cause for all disease, failure, financial loss and every kind of distress human beings on earth experience. In other words, these feelings are generated within the individual by himself; because the personality could not have its own way or thought that it had been treated unjustly.

Now, we come to the Remedy for the condition. If the individual will call on the "Law of Forgiveness," for ALL the discord he has ever generated in all lives – past and present – then amplify that Call to include ALL mankind's mistakes, he will find such relief from his own discord as he can scarcely believe possible at this time.

Oh, Blessed People of Earth everywhere! It is so easy to forgive, when you realize that everyone else suffers as well as you; for different reason perhaps, but nevertheless, others are unhappy and in distress as well as you.

If everyone could know what is in the other person's heart and feeling, no one would add a feather's weight to the suffering that is already being endured by blessed, struggling mankind.

- Radio Broadcast 1938-02 p. 17

Give this powerful Decree to help forgive and consume your own and all mankind's mistakes:

"Mighty I AM Presence"

I call on the Law of Forgiveness for all mistakes of the past and present – my own and those of all mankind!