How can we govern the conditions mankind is being confronted today?

Original Words from our
Beloved Messenger Mrs. G. W. Ballard

Since mankind is facing the crisis of all the ages and needs to know how to govern the conditions which they are confronting today, the way is before them – in the understanding of the "Mighty I AM Presence,"their Source of Life – individualized.

Mr. G. W. Ballard

It is enabling them to bring forth into action, Currents of Energy, Light Rays and Powers which govern the destructive activities of mankind. Therefore, It is releasing them from the conditions which they have created about themselves by discord in the ages past.

Since mankind do not understand in a great majority of cases, that they  have lived again and again, then it is necessary that they find this out because unless they do understand that there has been a long period in which they have drawn around themselves, or created about themselves, limiting destructive conditions thru discord in the feelings, they will not see the necessity of correcting this condition. They now have this Ascended Master Understanding of the "I AM," to enable them to go about the task of correcting wrong conditions and to help them produce the effect which brings about the change they require.

This Law is before them today in the understanding of Life, which is the "Mighty I AM Presence," God individualized.

Mankind have the Authority, the means, the Application, the Understanding, by which they can change every condition which they have drawn about themselves thru out the centuries.

After all, all the Wisdom of the ages is of no use to mankind, unless they apply It with understanding. Today, in all you require, you need more than just the understanding of the Law of Life. You must have Its Application, if you are to gain any Victory, in the Power you wield to bring about any remedy or change in the conditions which exist.

Today, you have not only the Understanding before you in simple language, but you have the Almighty Application, which is the Victory of Life, in every single thing that you wish to do or have done. Since mankind are one in the feeling world, are one in the mental world, then you can readily understand, how you can be of great assistance to each other by being harmonious and calling forth Divine Order, Divine Justice and Divine Love into action to bless your associates, your fellow-man and your conditions.

Never in two million years, have mankind had This Opportunity which is before them today. In the past, mankind have sought the world over for This Understanding of Life. A few have found It, but how very few!

Try to understand why this Magnificent Understanding of Life has come forth to bless mankind today! Only because the Source of Life to this system of planets has so decreed that mankind shall arise; that ALL destructive forces shall cease to exist upon this earth. That is why This Understanding has been brought to mankind in Its simple child-like language.

The Voice of the „I AM“, November 1941