The final Cleansing Process of this closing cycle

Original Words from our
Beloved Lady Master Nada

Beloved Lady Master Nada:

You know, there never appears to be a cloud without your realizing that the hour will come when the cloud passes, and the Sun is again revealed.

And so it is in national affairs. There never has been a cloud of human creation arise from the Earth, that there hasn't been the Great Descent of the Light that drives that cloud into the Blue Flame and consumes it - whether that be in this civilization or those that have passed.

The Cosmic Law is, that the Sun always abides above all that is of the shadows, and the Sun's Power can always consume the shadows. And so it is with the Sunshine of your Own "Beloved I AM Presence," regardless of the shadows that seem to have gathered for a time. So it is in national affairs.

And while the turmoil of cleansing takes place, We are preparing and designing and building the new Activities that are to come forth and render their Service.

And really there's no difference between a national housecleaning and your private, physical one. It's much the same. You move everything around. You dispose of the dirt; and you buy new things, and you make new arrangements.

And when you get through, it's much more beautiful and much more comfortable and convenient. And so it shall be in the Nation.

Destructive forces - My Dear Ones, remember this always: when they begin to brag about their power and their ability to destroy, you may always read the handwriting on the wall.

They are nearing their end.

Destructive forces are very arrogant; and when they know their end is approaching, they are like the small boy in the forest.

They whistle to keep up their courage. But the courage flees at the approach of that which is greater than themselves. So their whistling doesn't do much good - not in that case.

The filth that is gathered within this Nation shall as surely be consumed from the Universe as that the Universe exists. It's got to be!

Now remember, My Loved Ones, if you call for the filth in your Nation to be annihilated, it will be annihilated because you will be answered!

The Cosmic Law of Life has said throughout the ages, "Call unto Me, and I will answer Thee. Ask and ye shall receive."

Therefore, if only a handful of people within the Nation, in the Authority and Power of that "Mighty I AM Presence," issue the Cosmic Fiat for the Annihilation of the filth and degradation that has gathered, you will find the Cosmic Law will answer you.

And I am part of that Cosmic Law; therefore, I know I am going to answer you!

Now We have consumed through the centuries again and again and again - innumerable times the filth that mankind has generated.

But the destructive forces that have imposed that upon mankind know also that the day comes when they must be annihilated. They know there is an hour when they must cease; for they know We are Immortal, and they are not.

And this Cleansing Process is but to make those destructive forces understand Immortality.

And that is what many individuals need to understand. They forget that they can't take the Universe out of existence. Some of them have the nerve to try it!

Destructive forces must be educated to the Authority of Creation.

We have seen civilizations come up and go down again and again and again the same life streams, in a large proportion, responsible for the destruction, and the same Life Streams who are constructive largely responsible for the building.

Strange, isn't it, that the human conceit of destructive forces do not learn their lesson? It is amazing.

Every time a civilization is to come forth and be brought to its height, the same - largely, I'm speaking now - the same group of Life Streams volunteer to carry the Light. And when civilizations begin to disintegrate, largely, it is the same set of life streams that are responsible for the destruction.

But that cycle is closing, because this time when the cleansing takes place and the building begins anew, it is this time for permanent Accomplishment on the planet.

May I say to you, you who have been the builders with Us before of civilizations - are now about to write the last chapter in the book of the experiences of this world; and this time it is to close, "And they lived happy ever after."

There might be individuals or conditions that think for a time that they can repel My Love; but they cannot, for I can wear them out!

You know, Precious Ones, I can wear them out; but they cannot wear Me out.

You see, "I AM" Immortal; and evil or discord is not. Therefore, I know I can wear them out. Therefore, I know My Victory before I begin. And they have to be educated to know what I know.

Volume 18, Discourse I