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2024年 10月5日
日本時間 21:00から
(Japan Time)
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The Magic I AM Presence - Your true God Self

Set your inner God-Self into Action!

あなたの真のアイデンティティーである「I AM Presence」について学び、この神である自己を日常生活の中でどのように行動させるかを学ぼう!

2024年 10月5日
日本時間 21:00から
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In our Introductory-Webinar you will learn about …

The "Mighty I AM Presence"

Your own God-Self

The Violet Consuming Flame

An activity of the Sacred Fire by which you purify your mind and body

The Ascended Masters

The Divine Beings who guide and help us

How to give Decrees

How to manifest the Law in your Life and shape your destiny

The Word "I AM"

The most Creative Word in the universe and how to use It

Your Next Steps

How to become an "I AM" Student

You can ask questions during the webinar. We love to interact with you!

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